Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Aftermath

This home near the coast of South Carolina was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. This house completely turned upside down. The winds destroyed furniture and the wa... READ MORE

Residential Storm Damage

When Hurricane Matthew hit back in 2016, it left a lot of home in that area basically under water. In this home you can see that all that water caused damage to... READ MORE

Assisted Living Home Water Damage

This assisted living home in the Spartanburg, SC area suffered a tremendous amount of water damage. The halls and rooms were flooded and baseboards had to be re... READ MORE

Mold Removal

This local home here in Spartanburg, SC suffered substantial mold damage all throughout the home. Because it was so bad, our team had to remove the walls or cei... READ MORE

Commercial Building Clean-Up

This flooded hallway in Spartanburg, SC was the result of a broken water heater in the commercial building. The water spread throughout the building and even do... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Before and After

This home in Spartanburg, SC was hit by a fire in kitchen but the affects (soot and smoke) spread all around the house. The before picture shows the soot on the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation In Basement

One of the main causes for mold is high moisture and humidity levels. That is what happen to this basement. Water came in after some rain and all the moisture w... READ MORE

Bedroom Fire Incident

This home in Spartanburg, SC suffered a fire in one of the bedrooms because of an electrical malfunction in one of the power outlets. Our SERVPRO crew had to pe... READ MORE

Hallway Water Clean-Up

Here we have a home in beautiful Spartanburg, SC that had a water leaking coming from the washer machine that soaked the carpet in the hallway before getting to... READ MORE

Laundry Room Water Damage

This home here in Spartanburg, SC suffered some water damage in their laundry room to due to water leaking from the connections of the washer machine. In the le... READ MORE